Luca is an appassionate and sportive tour guide. His passion for kayaking brought him over the years to go often by sea from Naples to Capri. 

Now he's ready to bring his passion a step further and share his love for kayaking with his groups. Working in tourism since 1998, he worked with people from all over the world, speaks fluently English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. His personal engagement for the environment and the sustainable tourism brought him to found KAYAK CAPRI: an alternative way to visit Capri. Capri is well renown as luxury destination but only few people are able to discover the breathtaking natural aspects of the Island. Kayak Capri is the first and unique method to travel Capri by sea coasting the Island and enjoying the hidden beauties. 

Luca Zoppo

Owner and founder of KAYAK CAPRI, Tourguide since 1998. 


Naomi Leonida 

Booking and logistic management. Manager since 2010. 


The Kayakers

Coni certificated Kayak teachers and Tour guides will make your stay unforgettable.